Slater Pictures, founded by actress Amanda Bear

A New York Based Production Company

About Us

Amanda Bear

Slater Pictures was founded by Amanda Bear in 2017. The New York based actress, accidentally fell in love with writing and producing when she started to create her own content as a means of furthering her acting career.



 A short film that tells the story of how Alexa Davis fights the daily battle of high school. In an effort to fit in and impress her friends, she makes some regrettable decisions and is ultimately faced with the same harassment and cyberbullying that she may have once promoted.

Like Me: Trailer


A raw and unapologetic account of the 'swipe culture' from the female perspective. The series hilariously captures the rollercoaster of online dating through the eyes of a 28 year old Upper East Sider named Pippy.

Bumble Fuck: Pilot